The Photo Gallery: Breakfast

Pancake batter is made every morning – it’s become a ritual for the past few months (after several months of omelette being the preferred choice – before that it was ‘dippy eggs with soilders’ – and porridge for a while…). ¬†All of our daughters love pancakes – but sometimes Alice, age 2 and often awake by 7am, decides that we really ought to bake some fresh blueberry muffins too (well, seeing as the flour and eggs are out of the cupboard…).

Blueberry muffin on the go

Thankfully, hubbie and oldest daughter (Charlotte, age 9) leave for work and school at 8am, so I am free to bake in my p-jays without needing to rush out the door for the school run (besides my natural learner – Sophie, age 6, is often still in the land of nod – after a late night reading or working away on her laptop – she’s doing maths right now – at 9pm – whilst I’m writing this!).

So breakfast is HUGE is our house. Pancakes, baking and good ‘ole muesli, yoghurt and cranberry juice for me (creature of habit – can’t think before coffee and need food to fuel my movements – so eat the same, robotically, every morning as soon as possible after waking).

The man of the house is the pancake flipper extraordinaire (I just flip with a spatula – which doesn’t get the same *cheer* from the girls at the breakfast bar!). There is often a little debate on how much sugar is sprinkled on top with the lemon juice…

How much sugar!

What gets you going in the morning? I don’t feel like I’m really ‘going’ till I’ve made my first proper coffee – freshly ground beans, steamed milk and all. The smell of those beans alone gets me perky. I just need to work on my coffee art. This little ghost latte was served to me at ‘The Picnic Cafe’ in Wellington’s Botanical Garden (gorgeous!).

From 'Picnic Cafe' in Wellington Botanical Garden


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