The Photo Gallery | Together

A long weekend gave us time to be together as a family – even if, at times, my mind wasn’t all ‘together’ with it! In my mind there are always people floating around – physically distant from me, but close in my thoughts, that I wish to be together with – for a moment in time.

My favourite photographs of the weekend don’t share a theme of Easter (or chocolate), but show moments of togetherness. Seeing my three daughters together, happily playing for a moment in time…

Sisters together

The coming together of my husband and I – all be it in a funny pose (as instructed by Miss 7)! We met over twenty years ago and have been through so much together, but having three children in our lives has definitely been the biggest test on our ‘togetherness’! We are constantly stretched in different directions and working to carve out time to be together, to stay connected, to stay true to ourselves, to keep our sanity, to prioritise our health and to be together, as a team, as parents.


My favourite moment of ‘togetherness’ over the weekend was shared with my oldest daughter, Charlotte, who turns ten this year. She is training for her upcoming cross country race and we shared a run together. It was the first time we’d done this – properly (of course we’ve run around fields and on beaches, been on walks together, cycled, danced together… but never actually ran – matched in pace – together). She set a great pace and led me through some great stretches too (quite the personal trainer she makes!).

Mother and daughter running together

Charlotte and I don’t get much time together – as she’s busy with school and hobbies during the week. Her Daddy runs her to school, often picks her up, and spends the most time with her. I am usually tied up with my home-schooled Miss 7 and Miss 3. We all shared some good times together this long weekend, but it was great to have a little time with those we don’t usually get to spend time with too. The man of the house had a great time with his older girls on Saturday – racing around ‘Laser Force’, we all spent time together on Sunday morning at the swimming pool and at ‘The New Dowse’ gallery on Monday. I spent valuable time with Charlotte, whilst hubbie played ball, cars, lego and games with Miss 7 and Miss 3, and we all had some time alone too – to be together with our thoughts.

Time together

The time we spend apart, makes the time we share together all the more special (thinking especially of my dear Mum, celebrating her Birthday this week and travelling with my Dad to see my dear sister and her partner in the north of England).