Things I’m Loving…

Loving spring sunshine with my daughters before a storm…

Shorland Park, Island Bay, Wellington

Loving this dainty little cup and saucer, along with a perfect silver spoon, to serve up fluffy treats in for my youngest. Loving that I bought them at a garage sale for a very good cause – to raise funds for a wonderful boy called Elijah, who was born with ‘Prune Belly Syndrome’ as well as other rare disorders.


Loving my youngest daughter’s taste in music too (she gave me a dance workout after breakfast this morning!)…


Loving time to colour in with my youngest – but find it kind of sad that none of my children do – or probably ever will – colour in and draw as much as I used to do as a child (… there weren’t iPads in my day… just good ‘ole crayons and paper!).


Loving little notes I find written by my six year old (this one refers to her oldest sister, hee, hee!):


‘My sister is the most ridiculous thing born on earth, although I still love her with all my heart.’

Loving my six year old’s enthusiasm for one day having her own cafe – but in the meantime making do with my kitchen (where she says, ‘Real food and drink – not pretend – is served – and for free!’). She’s been serving us on a silver tray (purchased at Elijah’s fund-raising garage sale) for the last day or two – insisting we try her various drink concoctions and dishes! She made a smoothie for her older sister this evening (see, she does love her!), a banana split dessert for her younger sister (which I ended up eating most of) and a cranberry and ruby red grapefruit mixed drink for her big sister’s school friend.

My favourite dish today has to be ‘Plane Lane’, as served with a smile below…

Plane Lane

Here are just a few of the other dishes on offer at Sophie’s ‘Spotty Dotty Cafe’…

The Spotty Dotty Cafe

Loving that my oldest daughter has pushed through a nasty cough and cold and managed to get to school four out of five days this week. She’s been diligently working on a French presentation and a ‘maths’ badge. She also loved having a friend round to play this evening.


Loving my youngest daughter’s hand in the touch pool at the marine education centre in Island Bay on Sunday.


She loves to pop in there on a Sunday (when they have an open day).


Finally, I love these words of wisdom…



I hope you’ve found some things to love this week too x

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