Thoughts on gravity on a Monday from my 6 year old

Last night, as I was getting Alice off to sleep, I was vaguely aware of Charlotte and Sophie telling their Daddy (at 8pm) they were going to write up some science (they frequently do unexpected things at unusual times of day!).

So, this morning, when I came downstairs (at 4am something with Alice) it made me laugh to read Sophie’s write up on gravity (I particularly like the final sentence – very Sophie, hee, hee).


by Sophie, age 6

Gravity is something that is not in the air, that sometimes is not there, but sometimes it is. It helps us stay on the ground. If we were in space we could not stay on the ground. Thanks to gravity we can stay on the ground. I wish I was an alien and jump and never stop.

I’m not surprised Sophie chose to write about gravity – as she spends most of the day upside down, swinging on something – or standing on her head, always trying to defy gravity!

Working against the force of gravity

Trying to defy gravity