Wedding Congratulations from Afar

This weekend my gorgeous cousin, Jane (who visited us here in New Zealand at the end of last year), married the love of her life, Craig. We would have LOVED to have been there to celebrate, but with all the changes in our own lives this year it has been impossible to plan anything.

Jane and Craig

We sent a video greeting to wish them all the best…

And raised our glasses to a long, happy marriage filled with wonderful moments, from the beautiful deck at The Dockside (enjoying a rare Sunday meal of decadence – half of which, was without children… two eldest played on a friend’s houseboat nearby, whilst Alice slept in her buggy). We are so thrilled for Jane and Craig. They are surrounded by a warm, caring, loving extended family, that stands them on strong ground for a very happy marriage. We shall look forward to seeing them one day in the future to share a drink in person!

Dockside, Wellington