A poem to old friendships – Old friends are like gold…

Yesterday I caught up with one of my dearest old school friends, today I’m visiting a friend I lived with at Southampton University, who now lives in the beautiful, historic city of Winchester. There are so many old friends I’d love to see in the short week and a half we are here in the UK, but it’s hard to juggle it all – especially with three children tired from travel and time-zone shifting. We are trying to do so much – and yet stay flexible too. It means the world to me to see precious old friends and be here in England.

In the UK after 5 years, me in London

Old friends are like gold…

There may be years between meetings –

But when together, the years slip away, to nothing.

Old friends don’t change – just like gold –

Except old friends are priceless.

Today I met with a very old friend –

one who I’d shared my teenage years with.

She knows everything there is to know about me –

more than anyone else.

I am forever grateful that our paths crossed.

She came into my life when I was thirteen.

I consider her friendship a gift, like no other.

Today, I sat in awe, watching her with her children –

and holding back tears of happiness.

She’s an incredible woman, and a true friend.

Seeing her felt like a part of me had been unlocked.

A piece of me not forgotten, but tucked away for safe keeping.

The journey here to England, from New Zealand, wasn’t easy,

but moments like today make it worth all the effort!

© Sarah Lee, 2012