Paws #NaPoWriMo


Floorboards marked
with mud and sand
telling stories of the land;
adventures in the rain
muddy tracks, sodden fields
blades of grass
sticks and twigs –
all brought in
on his paws.
Days of sunshine
spent on beaches
sand on beds and couches,
remnants of a day
well spent.
Grass spurs from
country walks,
on dry summer days
in the countryside.
Then winter brings
long days, shut indoors.
Floor boards waiting
for a break in the weather
hearing pent up sounds;
pitter, patter, scamper.
Dog dreams of freedom,
outdoor explorations
deep sighs of desperation
waiting –
for better days.

© Sarah Lee, 2 April 2017


“Today’s interview is with Kay Ryan, whose spare, tightly-rhymed work makes each poem a small, witty, philosophical puzzle. You can find more background on Ryan’s life and work here, and read one of her poems here.

And finally, our (optional) prompt. In honor of today’s interviewee, I’d like to challenge you to write a Kay-Ryan-esque poem: short, tight lines, rhymes interwoven throughout, maybe an animal or two, and, if you can manage to stuff it in, a sharp little philosophical conclusion.”
Day One – It Begins! NaPoWriMo

Cocoa having a paddle

Cocoa having a paddle