Sunshine Wednesday & I’ve only stepped outside to shoot a rocket!

It’s nearly 10.30am and I haven’t had a coffee. The first two hours of my day were a whirlwind of lego building adventures with Miss 2 – Alice – block tower building, a rescue mission on the stairs from a lava flow, a shooting sock and a pile of leaves (Grandma and Granddad in England bagging up the leaves from their grand oak trees in the garden will understand that one!), alphabet singing and maths play on the iPad.

By 9am I needed breakfast and found myself in the kitchen for a good half hour making dippy eggs, porridge, a pancake – and my breakfast of muesli.

Meanwhile hubbie got Miss 9 – Charlotte – out the door on time for school… even if she was still in her p-jays, with her head buried in her laptop reading up on ‘Humboldt Squid’, which she has chosen as her enquiry for the last fortnight of school. He took her uniform and put it in the car for her to change – at some point on the way…. but forgot her knickers! I got a text at 8.50am to say they were parked outside a kids clothes shop waiting for it to open, as there was no way she was going to wear her school dress, sans knickers, for the day! School started at 8.30am so I can imagine the teacher having a giggle when she heard the excuse for lateness…

Back to me in the kitchen, scrubbing away at the kitchen surfaces (thinking I should gift myself an army of cleaners to spruce up the house before Christmas!). After I’d washed up, and got a load of clothes in the washing machine, I then got called outside to explode a rocket… with baking soda and vinegar (as a Mama to a home-schooler frequently does!).

Miss 6 – Sophie – has been at my side, helping with the shooting rocket in the garden and playing with Miss 2, whilst also enjoying the new look ‘Mathletics‘. She’s loving the games more than anything else – but it’s all learning!

We are supposed to head to Avalon Park for a meet up with the Natural Learners, but we’ve been so busy and the clock just keeps ticking and Alice is now on my lap asking to go swimming, whilst Sophie is asking for an exercise circuit in the garden (and I’m thinking… it’s time for a coffee and I must hang that washing on the line!). x