Thirty days hath September, April, June and November… FIVE sleeps till…

December countdown to Christmas Day – and thinking up some active ideas and goodies to pop in this amazing advent calendar my nine year old made on Sunday (all her own idea – the little paper cubes even have paper springs folded underneath each one – for easy pulling out from the main box).

Charlotte's advent cube calendar

I have instructions to fill them up and tape them up (but I’m thinking I need to come up with something for Miss 6 and Miss 2 as well, so they don’t feel left out!).

Advent calendar

Reminiscent of 2010, when I was super organized with activities for every day of advent! Looking back my youngest, Alice, was only nine months old and slept a lot more. In addition my daughter, Sophie, was at Kindi every morning and eldest at our local school. I definitely had more ‘time’ than I do now – with an active two year old and a bright six year old (nearly seven!) at home all day!

Busy Alice

Sophie's self portrait

Time I start to get my Christmas thinking cap on and get in the spirit! Just got to clear some clutter to make room for the tree and decorations… (which knowing my three girls will be totally over the top in an eclectic blend of tastes!). x