Things I’m Loving with a touch of icing sugar, paper chains & random elephants…

This was the week that started with three daughters at home. A Monday that witnessed mass paper-chain making, faces in plates of icing sugar and a Christmas elephant made out of an old milk-bottle!

Elephants, icing sugar & paper chains

A Tuesday and Wednesday spent mostly at home, with two daughters (whilst Charlotte enjoyed end of term fun and shared lunches). We enjoyed a couple of reviving swims this week (Miss 2 asks to go every day!), where moments of sisterly love and generosity were shared.

Fun at the Aquatic Centre in Kilbirnie

We also made a little trip into the city this week, to see the window displays and Christmas shop at Kirkcaldie and Stains – as well as visiting Santa.

Alice meets the Kirkcaldie and Stains Santa

Alice was very excited, having asked to visit Santa at the North Pole several times… we did the next best thing and she sat with a very concentrated look of serious awe (at least that’s what we think it looked like). However, she has since asked to see ‘the real Santa’ – which she believes is the Santa that beams his way into our home, via the computer, from his ‘Portable North Pole’ station (PNP for those in the know, wink, wink!).

Whilst we were in town we also found ourselves drawn to the large Christmas tree in Midland Park – but (as always happens with my Kiwi, nature loving, wild, bare-footed children) they ended up having an impromptu paddle in the water fountain sculpture (and getting soaked).

In town enjoy Christmas decorations and impromptu water fountain jumping

Thankfully the car was parked close by and there was just enough time for a quick change before enjoying a lovely Thursday afternoon at Charlotte’s end of year prize giving, at Wellington Town Hall, where we loved listening to her singing with the choir. She also made this beautiful gift box for Christmas at school…

Merry Christmas gift box by Charlotte

Friday morning I loved the treat of having my hair cut, coloured and styled by a wonderful lady called Julia (she’s just starting up her business in Island Bay – and definitely deserves a huge plug as she made me feel a million dollars!). Local friends do ‘Like’ her Facebook page – Essence Hair – she even does house calls – great for tidying up the children’s hair before Christmas (I’ve got her booked for next Wednesday morning at my house and I’m just hoping my children are cooperative!).

A new doo!

It would have been wonderful to have enjoyed a hot date with hubbie – but alas a company Christmas doo (and stag night combined) was already in the diary for him. He did pop home briefly before heading out though and dutifully noticed my hair, ‘I like your hair darling…’ followed by, ‘Little Bo Peep’ – mmm, I was left wondering if I should be flattered or concerned about his fantasies!!

My Friday night was one of keeping my three daughters happy – which is always like riding a roller-coaster (full of thrills and excitement, with some stomach gripping moments in between!).

Thankfully, they do have their moments of quiet – with giggles and tickles… Alice is definitely going to LOVE having her oldest sister home for the long summer break.

Charlotte and Alice cuddles

Looking forward to the next couple of months (especially with ‘Chicken’ Grandma & Granddad arriving on 5 January for six weeks!). All we need now is this darn windy weather to take a hike and summer to set in!

Feeling very thankful to have a warm home to sleep in this windy night – particularly in light of the tragedy caused by the tornados that struck Auckland this week. My heart goes out to the families that have lost loved ones and who are homeless. Variety – The Children’s Charity – have set up an appeal for donations to give the tornado victims some Christmas cheer.