Scorching Wednesday in Wellington

It’s too hot for many words (and too hot for clothes!),

so here’s a few captures from my day…

The most beautiful school run, along Wellington’s south coast.

With hubbie away, I’m on duty, leaving the house before 8am to make it to school on time for 8.20am.

My non-schooling daughters joining their big schooling sister for the ride.

It was quite a jolly drive this morning!

School run

After the school drop, a stop at Oriental Parade to admire the view (and get Mamma a latte!).

Oriental Bay

Wellington City

Wellington is a beautiful capital city in the summer sun.


Gazing at vast numbers of moon jelly-fish and hoping to see dolphins and mermaids too!


Later in the day, after a swim in the cool pool, and school pick-up,

the children play in the garden, whilst I escape for a jog.

Grandma & Granddad kindly watch over their grandchildren.

I am free!

Princess Bay

Houghton Bay

And now…

Lying in bed, with windows open, too hot for p-jays.

I’m listening to the seagulls –¬†calling in the night.

My entire being glowing from a sun-filled day.