B.M.W.B. – Keeping everyone moving

This week we’ve had so much spontaneous fun and physical action in the home that I thought it would be worth tying in this post with the ‘Becoming the Mama I Want to Be’ linkie, over at Miriam’s ‘Create Hope Inspire’ blog.

The Mama I want to be is one that says ‘yes’, wherever possible, to requests to play, to do, to read a book, to dance around the room and go to the park or for a swim. This week there has been lots of action from all of us, with the man of the house playing impromptu cricket games on the driveway in the evening….

and me taking up the challenge to prove ‘I can still do it’ that Miss 7 set me at the playground (involving cartwheels, headstands, handstands and more!)…

Miss 9 has headed off to camp with her school at ‘Highland Home‘, Miss 3 has been dancing her heart out to her oldest sister’s dance show DVD, and Miss 7 has adored playing a game of cricket with her Daddy.

As well as time with the children being active, there has also been time made for both myself and my husband to exercise independently. The man of the house had a tennis workout early in the week and took the paddle board out a couple of evenings. I have been out for a couple of runs, coming back beaming and full of an extra sparkle of energy.

On my run

It’s been a positive week all round of seeing the results of exercise for all! And, as I write, hubbie is up on ‘camp’ with his eldest daughter for the day – (a five hour return drive for him – but worth it, with the scenery). I can’t wait to hear about the adventure sports they have been involved in today!

I’m at home, living in the moment, enjoying the evening by painting with my youngest in the garden, cooking up my middle daughter’s fav meal of ‘spaghetti bolognese’ (even though she’s scarpered down the playground with a friend) and keeping happy by focusing on the magic, enjoying a little pinot noir with my dinner and savouring the warm summer evening.

Alice painting in the summer evening sunshine

Create Hope Inspire

Becoming the Mama I want to be is about taking time to enjoy the journey of parenting,
to honour its value and to hopefully inspire and encourage each other.