Chasing Gold | Kawarau Gorge Mining Centre

The Goldfields Mining Centre, located on the banks of the spectacular Kawarau Gorge, treated us to a fascinating morning of history.

Chasing gold, Otago 1

We stepped back in time and walked paths to mine shafts and tunnels, where the land had been laid bare by ground slicing, and through the old Chinese Village.

Chasing Gold, Otago 3

We learned about the life and working conditions of Otago’s early gold-miners, handled nuggets of real gold and panned for a few flakes ourselves!

Chasing Gold, Otago 2

Panning for gold

We enjoyed a four-legged friend showing us the way, in return for a few friendly games of catch the stick…

Chasing Gold, Otago 4

We admired the beautiful scenery and wondered at the ingenuity of the early miners who brought water to the site from many miles distant to work their claims.

Chasing gold

And we left with a few little flakes we’d found ourselves, but mostly richer for the fresh air, exercise and what we had learned.