Reaching new heights on the first day of being 39!

This was the way to start the last year of my thirties – taking a ride in a Gondola over Queenstown with my family.

Riding the Skyline Gondala in Queenstown New Zealand

At the top we geared up for a little action…

Off for a ride on the Luge!

enjoying an absolute blast of a morning riding the Luge carts down the hill…

Yee ha!

again and again and again! Alice had to ride the Luge with her Daddy – and he was by far the fastest – giving her an absolute thrill of a ride! She loved it, as we all did!

Dan and Alice riding the chair lift to ride the Skyline Luge in Queenstown

After such an exciting morning we returned to the hotel for a rest, a few games of chess, a dip in the pool and a gorgeous evening watching the colours change on the landscape as the sunset.

Remarkables from our villa in Queenstown