The Photo Gallery: Expressions from an Autumn Holiday in Queenstown

It’s beautiful here on holiday in Queenstown. The autumn colours are breathtaking and the light works its magic on the landscapes like an artist’s paint-brush.

Otago in Autumn

The expressions of our children, enjoying their holiday, are plentiful to light up our hearts too.

Young Alice, rolling on the grass, under canopies of golden leaves…

Alice on holiday in Queenstown, April 2013

Her face radiant in the autumn light…

So much fun

And yet serious when exploring something new in nature too…

Tentative and serious

Her seven year old sister, Sophie, is having a blast of a time too. This capture, by her Daddy, of her riding the ‘Skyline Luge’ is absolutely hilarious – so ‘Lightening McQueen’!

Sophie doing a Lightening McQueen expression on the Luge

Every bend in the road brings a new expression on the landscape…


Every sigh in the weather, brings a new expression of mood on the earth…

Crown Range drive between Queenstown and Wanaka

As the season of autumn motions the winter to come, the landscape, like our faces, shows a change in expression…

Changing seasons

We are here, in nature’s playground, on holiday, our expressions filled with pleasure, laughter and excitement as we sample all the fun that is to enjoy in autumn’s beautiful light.

Dan and Charlotte kayaking on Lake Wanaka

The day, from dawn to dusk, ever changing its expression on the land, keeping our eyes and hearts filled with delight.