The End of a Legendary Summer in Wellington 2012/13

Daylight saving ended on Saturday, at the close of a legendary summer, leaving Wellington still in drought – but far from thirsty (the bars and restaurants in the city have reported their best summer in years – same with the ice-cream sellers!).

There was only one way for me to mark the last day of daylight saving – and that was with a run on Wellington’s rugged and beautiful south coast. For the first time in weeks there were real clouds in the sky, hinting at the coming of winter and more changeable weather.

Last day of daylight saving 2012/13

Come July, I’m not sure what I’ll make of Santa Barbara’s year-round reputation for blue skies – I reckon there will be a part of me wistfully pining for weather of a wilder kind. The kind of weather that literally takes a person’s breath away and pushes you along with the force of an invisible giant’s hand. Waves that pound with force on the rocks and carry sea spray in the wind to entangle hair and leave salty kisses on your skin.

The rugged Wellington South Coast on Sunday 7 April

And so, the last night of a legendary summer was spent reflecting on what has been and anticipating the future with an adventurous outlook. I raised my glass to past, present and future (after my run – felt more deserving of the wine!).

Farewell to the finest summer

But no matter where we are living, there are some things that won’t change – I’ll still be asked to spend Friday evening’s ‘de-heading’ Lego people…

Friday night de-heading Lego people for Miss 3

Putting on an impromptu puppet shows (in the case below – it was to keep Miss 3 entertained, whilst she sat on the potty doing a ‘number 2’!)…

Impromptu puppet show

Enjoy moments of peace when my children pause in their play to enjoy a view (even though the views will change)…

Oriental Parade, Wellington

Seeking places to go, by myself, to grab a moment of exercise and be in my own thoughts…

Lyall Bay

And capturing moments of family time together, playing the simplest of games…

Teaching Miss 3 how to play noughts and crosses

Now it’s time to start battening down the hatches for a few months, before we pack up our house and ship on to a new adventure!