Things I’m Loving & Grateful for this Friday

Loving this week…

❤ Sunshine after a cold snap, with a sprinkling of snow on distant hills.

Scorching Bay, Wellington, New Zealand, 29 May

❤ Books to escape into, that I can carry around in my back pocket for opportune moments via my iPhone. I’m hooked on Jayde Scott’s ‘Ancient Legends’ and onto book six in as many days!

❤ A kind neighbour who gave a couple of hours of her time to ensure my hubbie and I actually had dinner out – just the two of us – on our Wedding Anniversary this week.

❤ Photo books by Snapfish (especially with 50% discounted) that I can easily put my favourite photographs and poems in to make a family coffee table book.

Photo poetry book

❤ Beaches that are clean and quiet, with driftwood, shells and other natural finds that make play so easy and add to creativity.

❤ Being able to share happy news so easily, with Facebook. A cousin, as well as old friends got married this week. It was wonderful to see photographs so soon after their happy celebrations.

❤ Enjoying indoor play spaces when it’s quiet, mid-week, in term-time on a blustery, cold day.

Junglerama, Petone, Lower Hutt

❤ Loving the night sky over Wellington, especially on the south coast -where light pollution isn’t a problem. There’s an amazingly talented and skilled chap who captures it in a way that leaves me in awe… go check him out – thank you markg!

❤ Long shadows on late autumn days and sunshine, that’s a gift and to be appreciated, between the rougher days, especially at school pick up time!

Long shadows on late autumn days

❤ Loving my family and their willingness to enjoy the moment – even on the eve of the first day of winter they are out, dancing under the stars, jumping on the trampoline, bathing in the spa (whilst I sip a Pinot Noir by candle light).

Last night of autumn!

Rocking into winter and looking forward to some snow action on the ‘magic mountain’ – Mt Ruapehu – before we head off to Santa Barbara to live in September. Don’t worry – we’ll be back in New Zealand before long xx

Have an amazing weekend!

Lyall Bay with the surf up!