After ‘3am In The Morning’ I am hanging out for ‘Midnight in Paris’….

I came across the music and vocals of Shaun C Bryant recently. I’d like to say I heard him performing live – but New Zealand is a long way from his home in the UK. The route to discovery was more obscure… I discovered him through ‘Facebook’ – realising that I went to the same school as him. However, I was five years younger, so didn’t really ‘know him’ then, but there’s the connection all the same. I then went on to check out the music he was putting out and got caught up in the emotive lyrics, combined with rocky music and great guitar (the last comment was made by my nearly ten year old daughter).

CREDIT: Daniel Hurtubise – artist.photographer

The lyrics of Shaun’s songs demand a listening ear and he sings with strong passion and emotion. I like to hear lyrics sung with conviction and Shaun clearly puts his heart and soul into his music. I also love the rock style of his music and my daughter is right in saying he plays ‘great guitar’!

I always listen to music when I’m running and the rocky style keeps me pumping, whilst the lyrics connect me to various chords of my own life and experiences. One thing is for sure, Shaun’s music in his first album, ‘3am In The Morning‘, is rich with life and his experiences. Have a listen and I’m sure you’ll agree that there is something very stirring about it. So, that’s what I’ve been listening to this weekend (and running to!).

CREDIT: Daniel Hurtubise – artist.photographer

I’m always one for supporting new music and hence this blog post. It’s always inspiring to see anyone work hard to turn their dreams into reality. Shaun is ‘fan-funding’ his music through Sellaband and deserves support in raising funds to produce his second album ‘Midnight in Paris’. The first single on the album, ‘Belong’, really strikes a chord with me – both the lyrics and the tempo throughout. It is available for purchase on iTunes.

CREDIT: Daniel Hurtubise – artist.photographer

He has been heard on radio stations around the world, from the USA to Scotland, with live performances on BBC radio. I’m really looking forward to hearing more of his music and hope you’ll join me in wishing him all the best and becoming a fan too!

Enjoy x