Lyrical Sunday – Week 25: Musical Instruments

Welcome to Week 25 of Lyrical Sunday!

Lyrical Sunday

Lyrical Sunday this week is themed on ‘Musical Instruments‘. If you’re new to Lyrical Sunday, please click here to read about how it began (I have an inspiring daughter who tries hard to keep her ‘ole Mum’s brain ticking!) and to read poems from earlier weeks. We have a couple of wonderful regular contributors – one of which has recently won a poetry award! Go and visit ‘Latte Junkie’ to read her award winning poem!

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When I Play my Guitar…

When I play my guitar, my baby sister Alice chants
“More More More!”,
When I play my guitar, my baby sister Alice claps
“Clap Clap Clap!”,
She grabs her shakers,
She bashes on the drum,
And then she pats her tum tum tum!
Then she waddles up to me, playing the guitar,
She strums the guitar, with cheekiness and glee!

by Charlotte Lee, Age 8, © 2011


The piano that came full circle

The piano stood in our dining room.
Ornate, brass, candle holders, hinted its age.
The sound it sang out was as unique,
as the wood, from the tree, that once it came.

I loved to hear my mother play, her touch –
gentle, like her hands. Fingers wove magic.
She did not bake, nor stitch or sew, but made –
music, so fine, one could live on its sound.

It took me years, to understand – the key,
to her music, was in disciplined hands.
Patience. Perseverance. Practice. Desire.
I struggled to find the strength and resolve.

But, through many years, those keys I nurtured.
Sometimes gently, other times in fury.
Those keys felt my every emotion.
The wood growing old as I grew in years.

Now I’ve come full circle and sit anew,
playing new keys, in a home, of my own.
My children listen, when I play, between
chores and the cares of the day.

by Sarah Lee, © 2011


A rekindled spark

My fingers went walking this morning
Along the black and white keys.
Somehow I felt inspired to play
As the sunlight streamed in on a brand new day.

My daughter’s words had rekindled a spark
And I sat and played with a joyful heart.
The keys seemed to dance at my every touch.
I’ll return again soon…..
I loved it so much!

by Celia Aspinall (Grandma), © 2011