Snowplanet – where the weather doesn’t stop the action!

On our trip to Auckland and the winter-less north, we found one place where it snows all year round – ‘Snowplanet‘. We’d been before, over three years ago (when Alice was just a few months old, bundled in a front pack and a snow suit). This time round Alice was old enough to have a bit of fun in the snow, whilst her older sisters independently rode up the poma lifts to ski down at high speed (with a small margin of control!).


Alice enjoyed a pre-action drink before checking out the snow. The cafe and bar is superb, well stocked and staffed, with large glass windows over-looking the snow slope.

Here’s a snippet of Alice and I having some fun sliding down the hill on a large ring!

Whilst Miss 7 – Sophie – and Miss 10 – Charlotte, had a blast skiing…

There wasn’t time for Dan and I to indulge in some skiing or boarding, but we had enough fun watching the children enjoying themselves – and those ring / sledge things were a giggle!