The Photo Gallery | Through the eyes of my phone

We are up in San Francisco this week and ‘The Photo Gallery’ prompt of ‘Through the eyes of my phone’ couldn’t have been more apt. I’m touring the streets of San Francisco, with three children in tow, and as much as I’d love to have time to take classy photos with my Canon DSLR I would risk losing a child (or dropping the camera whilst reaching out to stop a child from getting flattened by a tram!) – so, it’s trusty phone camera time!

Fav pic of the week, so far, was actually taken at the Santa Cruz beach boardwalk amusement park, on the drive up to San Francisco. The roller-coaster in the pic is the oldest in America and was very reminiscent of ‘The Lost Boys‘ movie (one of my favourite films from the 1980’s).

Santa Cruz

Second favourite was taken at a place called ‘Moss Landing’. This wasn’t an intended stop, but as we were driving we couldn’t help notice the natural beauty of the area, the kayaks enjoying the waterways and the numbers of sea-birds – and then, from the car, we spotted a huge number of sea lions jostling for position on a relatively small boat-docking platform. I did have time to pull out my decent camera for this moment, but have not included those photographs here (as I have no cable to load them up on my computer, so these are purely ‘through the eyes of my phone’).

Moss Landing

We later discovered that the beautiful area is called ‘Elkhorn Slough’, a marine protected area (brochure with more information here). The Slough is one of the few coastal wetlands remaining in the state of California, second in size to San Francisco Bay. Nearly 7 miles long, this waterway shelters an abundance of marine life.

Moss Landing

My youngest daughter, aged three, found some daisies, just like the ones she often finds in our home of Wellington, New Zealand, and – like my older girls did at her age – picked me a small posy and gifted them to me with love and a smile. After handing me the posy she said, ‘Take a photo Mummy!’ and, of course, I plucked my phone from my pocket and did just that…

Daisy posy from my daughter

One more photograph, for the road (taken on the road, from the car)… no words needed for this one.
On the road
Sticky Fingers Photo Gallery