Sand dune action

The other week, on a drive down to Disneyland California with a friend, we stopped off on the Pacific coast for some sand dune action. The children went up to the top with no hesitation, before pelting it down in a storm of sand! Fantastic fun.

Heading up the sand dune

I would have joined them, but I was limping on a dodgy ankle and didn’t want to do any further damage. Our friend took this snap of hubbie and I with two of our three daughters, which I kind of like – so thought I’d throw it in for the memory box!

Hugs on the sand dune

Whilst hubbie ran up the sand dune, with our daughters, I caught the action as they bowled down towards me…!

This was their view from the top, looking down!

Looking down from the top of the sand dune!

Meanwhile, circling on the air currents above us, huge pelicans looked upon our antics.


A great pit stop on our road trip to Disneyland with our Kiwi friend Frances.


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