Kiwi Kids Hit the Beach in Santa Barbara!

We’ve enjoyed some wonderful moments at the beach in Santa Barbara this week. I often head out for a run when hubby gets home from work, finishing up on the beach, where he then meets me with our daughters.

Santa Barbara beach

Our youngest two are joining in with a children’s sand race at Ventura Beach soon, as part of the Ventura Marathon Weekend, so are always keen to practice their running (and generally roll around in the sand!)… and photo bomb their Mum’s post run yoga stretches!

Photo bombing Mum's yoga

Photo bombing Mum’s yoga

This week the waves were primo for boogie boarding action, so they loved catching some surf too!

I was impressed with our youngest daughter going for it! I stood right by her, holding the board out ready for her to jump on as soon as the wave approached from behind. She didn’t hesitate, but jumped on with full enthusiasm and went for it!

There was a fair bit of sea kelp catching around our legs and stones beneath our feet, which I always feel a little disconcerted by – but they didn’t mind. They caught at least ten waves each, before the salt and sand up their togs started to bother them and we headed for a shower down! Here’s them in full action in a short video clip.

Such a lovely way to end a day.

Sunset at the beach

Sunset at the beach

I even got my youngest to join me with a tree pose salute to the setting sun to finish up with.

Tree pose salute to the setting sun with my youngest daughter.

Tree pose salute to the setting sun with my youngest daughter.

We’ll look forward to doing more boogie boarding when we get home to Wellington, New Zealand, in October (though wetsuits are usually needed in the spring there!).

In the meantime, we have just over a month of the Californian sunshine to play about in, just like we’ve enjoyed August in all its California finery…

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