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‘Where’s puppy gone?’ I asked, having become quickly accustomed to him sitting by my feet and following my every move. No one answered. No one had seen him.

It was then I realised how quiet it was – and remembered that I’d left our new bunny, Fudge, to free roam upstairs (he’d quickly learned to hop in and out of his indoor den/enclosure. Thankfully he was doing all his ‘number ones’ in there – and most of his ‘number twos’ – of which bunnies produce frequently – but there was the occasional little oversight).

My brain quickly put two and two together and came up with, ‘Puppy must have learned to climb the stairs!’.

A voice over in my head quickly reassured me, as my legs ran for the stairs, that if puppy had gone for rabbit then I would have heard a lot of noise – but there was nothing – just silence.

As I approached the second set of stairs (we have those switch back ones, with a landing space half way) my eyes met with the black beady eyes of Cocoa, the puppy.


He whimpered for me (he hadn’t worked out how to get back down the stairs) and I scooped him up as my eyes looked for bunny – amazingly he was only a metre away, quite content, ears upright, eyes bright and showing no rush to hop back to the safety of his den!

Cocoa and Fudge must have been together for several minutes. I was amazed to find not a hair out of place and no desperate release of bodily waste deposited on the carpet. The pair of them just looked at me, with an unnerving calm. I’m sure animals are telepathic and it was as though they had just shared an in-depth conversation about the pros and cons of their new family!

Nevertheless, I shan’t be in a hurry to let them play unsupervised again – though I do hope they grow up to be friends (Fudge is reserving his judgement till Cocoa has matured a year or two!).

A moment of 'supervised play'!

A moment of ‘supervised play’!


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