The Photo Gallery | Me

The ‘Me’ I am today, in 2015, as a forty year old parent to three daughters, is a very different ‘Me’ to who I was eleven year’s ago, before I became a parent. I wouldn’t have hesitated to head out the door then – for a run, a kayak, a night out, a weekend away – but children change everything; they fill my heart, my mind and my time in ways I never could have imagined.

I love being a mother and am so grateful to have been able to spend so much time with my children in their early years – but I’m also hugely thankful to my hubby for being so supportive and encouraging me to carve out a little time for me (and for us, as a couple). As a parent, I haven’t always been the best at putting myself first and it’s only now, as my children are older and becoming increasingly independent, that I feel more encouraged to take time out for me (and for hubby and I!). I’m learning that by taking a little more time for ‘me’ I can then be more present in the time I do have with my children.

Me and running

The theme for the first ‘Photo Gallery’ of 2015 is ‘Me’ and thanks to hubby being around this summer hols, I am getting out for some decent runs. I’m lucky to have some stunning scenery on my doorstep, which makes running more appealing – but it can also be windy on Wellington’s south coast (with takes me a certain amount of dogged determination to run in!).

With three children and a gorgeous puppy to also keep me busy it’s not always easy to put myself first and head out for a run; but I feel so much more clear-headed, happier and healthier for doing it (plus I feel less guilty about having a little tipple in the evening!).

Without my supportive and caring hubby I wouldn’t get out at all – he often has to push me out the door with multiple reassurances that ‘all will be fine’ (and he also makes me amazing Lattes to fuel my every step!). In turn, he gets out for some exercise on the kayak or stand up paddle board (quite often with a child or two in tow!).

Hubby, kayaking and coffee

So, here’s to a 2015 of trying to balance out meeting the needs of everyone in the family (with a little time for ‘me’, as well as hubby and I having some ‘us’ time!).

[I’m bottom left of the pyramid in the photograph below – along with my three daughters on the top, and two of their friends next to me on the bottom!]

'Me' bottom of pyramid, with daughters & their friends