That day when a sick day required fresh air therapy – at Tawatawa Reserve Loop

I’m a great believer in gentle exercise helping to heal the body and a few weeks back, when my ten year old daughter was fighting off a long lingering chesty cough, with a dose of antibiotics, I took her out to explore a Wellington trail we’d not explored before.


The walk, located in the hills between Owhiro Bay and Island Bay, on the south coast, is called ‘Tawatawa Reserve Loop Walk‘.


Tawatawa loop walk (click for the W.C.C. map, downloadable in PDF format).

It’s a short walk (around 3km) that offers views out over the Cook Strait, as well as back towards the city of Wellington.



The walk starts and finishes in a wetland area, and winds up through bush and along a ridge line, providing lots of variety within a small distance.



Sophie jogged a little between coughs and stops for water, frustrated with not being back to full health, but it was great to see her spirit and energy revived by the fresh air and being surrounded by nature. She was really grateful to have the opportunity to be outdoors.


Also, to much excitement and surprise, the walk crossed through land where horses are kept! Sophie was a little concerned that there was not water in their ‘bath’ troughs, so she emptied her water pack into one, hoping the horse would feel better for her contribution!



Up upon the ridgeline, behind Sophie in the first photograph, there is a beautifully carved Pouwhenua, showing the union of Te Rauparaha and his nephew Te Rangihaeata.




It really felt a special place to be, with the most spectacular 360 degree view (though on a windy day it would feel quite wild!).


Linking up with the wonderful Country Kids from Coombe Mill (a place I’d love to have holidayed at as a child, and a place that keeps that magic of childhood and the outdoors very much alive).
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