Hot, tropical days in Singapore

Mummy, Daddy and I went on a ‘huge’ aeroplane (bzzzzooooom) to Singapore for a while. Daddy had to go there for work and Mummy and I went along to play with him in the evenings and at the weekend. We had lots of fun exploring and had quite an adventure.

I was very good on the aeroplane and loved flying through the clouds. We landed in Singapore in the evening and I said ‘Hello’ to everyone in the airport. We had an exciting taxi ride in the dark, past very tall buildings and lots of lights, to our apartment. I kept saying, ‘Wow’. Our apartment was very high up (25 floors high) and we had to go up and down in a lift with magic doors, which opened and shut when we pressed a button. I loved the lifts and blowing kisses to Mummy and Daddy in the mirrored walls. I blew a kiss for each floor we passed, there were a lot of floors!

Mummy and Daddy tried to explain about a ‘time difference’ (of 5 hours, which sounded like a big number to me), but I didn’t really understand, all I knew was that I kept waking up very early, when it was still dark, and wanted to play. After a few days of very early breakfasts in the dark I started to wake up when it was light. I loved breakfast time, there was so much food to choose from! We sat outside in the dark, by the pool, eating croissants, pineapple, eggs, cereal and lots more – yummy, yummy, in my tummy!

Everyday I wanted to go swimming in the pool, even when it was dark, but Mummy and Daddy told me I had to wait until the crows woke up.

I loved going out exploring, though it was quite hot! Fortunately there were lots of places for us to cool down and lots of places to buy icecream! Mummy and I went out most days in a taxi. A man drove the brum, brum and took us to exciting places and then Mummy paid him some money. I practised saying my new words, ‘man’, ‘money’, ‘pay’ and my colours (the taxis were mostly yellow, but sometimes blue).

We went to a beautiful bird park one day and Mummy held a bird on her hand. Another day we went to an island, which is land surrounded by water, called Sentosa. We visited an aquarium where I saw sea turtles, ‘nemo’ (clown fish) and sting rays. It was really amazing. It was very hot in Singapore so we were always looking for places to cool down. One day Mummy took me to a big water park in a place call Downtown East at Pasir Ris. We had so much fun splashing in the waves and the water. I was so excited that I found it hard to go to sleep most evenings and liked it when Daddy took me for a little stroll in my buggy. I loved seeing all the people and lights and usually 10 minutes of window shopping was all I needed!

One evening I had dinner with Mummy and Daddy on a boat at Clarke Quay. I ate four chicken satay sticks! Afterwards we went on a boat ride down the river to see the ‘Merlion’, before driving back to our apartment in a taxi. We saw lots of lights outside the window and some beautiful displays in Chinatown for the Chinese New Year celebrations.

At the weekend we all went to Singapore Zoo. It was a lovely day out and I loved seeing all the animals. My favourite was a baby orangutan and the jaguar, which I tried very hard to say! There was a water play area at the zoo, which I loved so much. We had great fun running in and out of the jets of water.

On Sunday we flew back home in a ‘huge bzoooooom’. I saw stars from the window on the aeroplane and was a very good girl. I slept for half of the journey and enjoyed the food. We then went on another little plane, I slept through it all. Mummy had to carry me off the plane and I didn’t wake up until much later on, after we’d got home. Mummy and Daddy managed to have a sleep too.

When I woke up I was very excited to see Simba again and play with my toys. I was so busy playing that Mummy and Daddy managed to get most of the washing done and even did a food shop! It took me a while to sleep that night as I had so many wonderful things to think about. I love travelling with Mummy and Daddy.