My Sunday Photos | Gardens By The Bay, Singapore

Gardens by the Bay, in Singapore, opened to the public in 2011. It is an amazing development, which brings to life a vision of creating a City in a Garden, as described in detail on the Gardens by the Bay website.

Towering over the gardens is the ‘Supertree Grove‘, which made me think of the movie ‘Avatar’.

‘These unique trees of up to 16 storeys in height can be found all around the Gardens – twelve at the Supertree Grove, while the remaining six are placed in clusters of threes at the Golden and Silver Gardens.’


We visited the gardens on a Sunday morning, with our three children and their grandparents (my dear parents-in-law) – known to the children as ‘Chinese Granddad and Grandma’.


Chinese Granddad & Grandma inside the ‘Flower Dome’.

The ‘Outdoor Gardens Audio Tour‘, aboard the 22-seater Garden Cruiser tram, took us on a leisurely 25 minute ride around Bay South Garden and dropped us off by the incredible domes (there’s two of them – a cloud forest dome and a flower dome).


The ‘Cloud Forest‘ dome was massive, with a walkway spiralling from top to bottom, with a magnificent water fall featured. Described as,

‘Step out of the concrete jungle into a realm high in the mountains where you can learn about rare plants and their fast-disappearing environment.

Take in breathtaking mountain views surrounded by diverse vegetation and hidden floral gems that disappear into the clouds.’


‘Enter the Cloud Forest, a mysterious world veiled in mist. A 35-metre tall mountain covered in lush vegetation shrouding the world’s tallest indoor waterfall showcases plant life from tropical highlands up to 2,000-metres above sea level.’


The ‘Flower Dome‘ was a delight to the eyes and nose, with so much vibrant colour and delicate scents.


The dome is described as:-

‘Enter a world of perpetual spring, where unique plants bloom in an ever changing display of flowers. Discover plants from the Mediterranean and semi-arid subtropical regions.’


There was also a fun nursery rhyme theme, at the time of our visit, which delighted our very own ‘Alice in Wonderland!’


Overlooking the flowers was this magnificent dragon!


After visiting the domes we cooled off at the ‘Far East Organisation Children’s Garden‘ – where there was a water play area, before taking a rest around the pool at the apartment.


At night, the gardens come alive in a different way with lights and music for a ‘Gardens Rhapsody’…


I didn’t get round to seeing this myself, but hubby (who took these wonderful photographs), our 9 year old and grandparents did. They were in awe. Maybe I’ll see them again on a future visit. Singapore is most definitely an incredible ‘garden city’ to enjoy a mesmerising break.


Dan took a short video of the Garden Rhapsody –


Linking up with ‘My Sunday Photo’, where there are some gorgeous posts on the ‘One Dad 3 Girls’ blog. Apologies for a lot more that one Sunday photo, but I just had to get all these down for my own reflection and to look back on with the family!