I’m a big girl now!

So much has happened since I turned 2! I’m a big clever girl now and can go to the toilet all by myself and wear big girl pants. I like to help Mummy with everything and am very excited that I will be a big sister around Christmas time! Mummy has a big baby bump and baby gets lots of good food through a special ‘umbrella cord’! Baby has lots of fun playing in a special paddling pool in Mummy’s tummy and sometimes gives me a little kick (especially when I make loud noises!). I have told Mummy and Daddy that our baby is a boy (they say baby could be a girl, but I am certain baby is a boy) and like to find things in the shops and say, ‘Maybe baby boy like?’. I love to hug ‘baby bump’ and make sure Mummy eats and drinks lots of nice food for baby.

About two or three weeks ago I stopped asking for ‘baaboo’ and am now a big girl. I enjoy trying to get myself dressed, clean my teeth, get in and out of the car seat on my own, help make breakfast, put the clothes in the washing machine… phew, it’s busy work being a big girl!

The weather here has been very sunny and I’ve been out at the beach and in the gardens lots. I am growing some sunflowers and poppies (I planted little seeds and they have now sprouted!) and water them every morning. Mummy says it is a good job she has me to help her with the plants as they used to get a bit droopy before I was around to remind her to water them!

Daddy is lots of fun and I enjoy lots of tumbling around with him (as Mummy cannot roll around like she used to!). Mummy and I often meet Daddy for lunch, during the week, and have lots of fun.

I am sleeping so well in my big bed and am usually asleep by 9pm at the latest and wake up around 9 to 10 hours later. I still enjoy my afternoon naps and usually have two to three hours.

I have a great appetite too and think I must be on a growth spurt, like my sunflowers! Bye, bye for now!