10 things I love about Alice at 15 months old

  1. A limited vocabulary of key words can get results. I admire Alice, at 15 months of age, for choosing her words carefully for optimum service from the bigger people around her;
    ‘More!’ – used whilst pointing at what it is she requires; music, favorite nursery rhymes on DVD, water, food.
    ‘Nah!’ – used with a cheeky grin and a quick turn about on her feet for a quick get away.
    ‘Splish, splash!’ – meaning, ‘One would like to bathe now. Please hurry up and run me a nice, warm bath.’
    ‘Brrrm! Brrrrm!’ – said whilst pointing at the car or buggy meaning, ‘One wishes to be taken for a scenic nap, now, please!’.
    ‘Curtains’ – said at any time from 5.30am onwards meaning, ‘Open the curtains, rise and shine, big folk!’
  2. She loves animals, but is miffed that birds, seagulls and ducks won’t let her stroke their feathers.
  3. Alice chasing ducks 15 months

  4. She can eat with her fingers, or a spoon if she chooses, and get as messy as she pleases. She can also drink from an open cup with great gusto, but usually requires a wardrobe change soon after!
  5. Alice finds eating a lot of fun at 15 months

  6. She walks everywhere barefoot.
  7. Who needs shoes? 15 months and Alice is happy barefoot

  8. She gives the most gorgeous cuddles, like a baby monkey, gripping on with tight little hands & nuzzling her head in.
  9. The world is her friend. She waves and smiles at most people we meet, bringing happiness and light into the life of others.
  10. Smiles to light up the world

  11. She naps in the daytime, which I particularly enjoy – my little siesta to keep me going, since she still cuddles up with Mama at night for feeds.
  12. She lives in the moment.
  13. Living in the moment - Alice at 15 months

  14. Her senses are quick to react and to explore every new sensation. The world around her is full of mystery, magic and wonder. She lets me see her world. In her world there is magic in every drop of water, every beam of sunlight and every breeze that shakes the leaves and tosses our hair.
  15. The magic of Alice's world in every drop of water

  16. She finds ways to meditate in all that she does. These are the most amazing years of her life, she will barely remember them, but I love that I get to cherish this time and capture beautiful moments to tell her about in years to come. I love watching her explore her world.

    I’m in constant awe of her physical discoveries too. Every day her mind and body work together to learn how to move in new ways – climbing, sliding, running, nearly jumping, dancing and even yoga! Her amazing flexibility and natural ease in moving through the postures of sun salutations (not that she knows what they are – her body just instinctively stretches) encourage me to stretch alongside her!

    I love that Alice is such an inspiration. Little people are so very precious and very amazing 🙂

  17. Teletubby on da beach!


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