Snapshots from a perfect Tuesday

Autumn left its coat off and let summer take a spin on the weather chart today.

Oriental Bay, Wellington

After dropping Charlotte & Sophie at school, Alice and I played on the beach. I was quick to ditch my boots and tights for bare legs, so I could dip my toes in with Alice (plus she wanted to go in – but hesitantly so – and I wasn’t keen on getting water logged boots!).

Testing the water

I looked down lovingly at her little hand continually reaching for the comfort of my leg. She’s at that amazing age of exploring and tentatively venturing out on her own. Sometimes she’s bold and runs away from me with a look of daring mischief, as if to say, ‘Come on! See if you can catch me!’. Other times she physically shakes with fright and turns to cling to my leg as though I was an anchor post.

I savoured the moment and reflected on the happy memories I have of playing with Charlotte and Sophie in their pre-school years (of course there were tantrums and not so nice days – but they fall by the way in the mists of time).

I wished they could be with Alice and I, and Dan of course, as we enjoyed morning tea (I had to refrain Alice from climbing on the table to eat several times – but at least she stayed put mostly and I didn’t burn the sides of my mouth downing my coffee).

Beautiful morning at Oriental Bay with Alice

After a beautiful morning Alice started to tire and she feel asleep quickly in the car on the way home. I took the opportunity to do a few chores, before sweeping her up to bed, where I took a nap too!

She woke a little after 1pm and I had the urge to pick Charlotte and Sophie up from school early. Thankfully their teachers were more than happy, with it being so near the end of a long, 11 week, term. We headed to the Zoo, where we always have a lovely time. With annual passes we never feel pressured to see everything and can happily play in just parts of the Zoo. These little monkeys were more than happy…

Three little monkeys

Though they got a little tetchy over something or other and so we moved on quickly to see some real monkeys.


We bumped into a favourite Zoo keeper (they are all so friendly and know our faces well!) who was on his way to give the Sun Bears a couple of coconuts. Alice absolutely loved the bears. And then we saw the tigers being fed too – what a treat! Roarrrrrr! And of course Alice was equally impressed with all the little creatures that choose to make the Zoo their home – like a beautiful butterfly.

Tigers, sunbears & more

A perfect Tuesday indeed! If only poor Daddy could have joined us x Ah well, end of term this Friday and he has a few days off over Easter, so here’s hoping for lots more sunshine!