My First Wine Festival

I fell asleep in the car in Wellington and woke up at a cottage in Greytown, in the countryside. I was thirsty after my sleep so Mummy took me into the cottage and to a beautiful bedroom, which smelt of lavender (that’s what my Mummy called it – I thought it was a beautiful blue flower and looked like fun to play with!). After a yummy feed I played on the big bed with lots of comfy cushions. The cottage was surrounded by green, green grass and beautiful flowers, which Mummy and Aunty Loose (I can say her name now – I say ‘A Lulu’!) told me were roses. I was glad I had brought my watering can with me and could give the flowers some ‘num, nums’.

We went for a walk and discovered a big playground with lots of stones (which I love to play with!). There was a big slide and I loved riding down it, all by myself, again and again.

I didn’t want to go to sleep at all that night. There was a beautiful crescent moon in the sky and a dolphin wind chime singing in the breeze. The bees were busy taking pollen from the flowers to the trees and the setting sun wanted me to play with it. I could have blown bubbles to the moon and back all night if Mummy and Daddy let me! My friend Bob the Builder wanted to play too, but he had to go to bed too. I eventually fell asleep and slept till around 1am before joining Mummy in bed. Poor Daddy had to go and sleep in another room as there wasn’t room for him and his hayfever was really bad with all the flowers!

The next day we walked to a cafe in Greytown for a lovely coffee (I had a fluffy, yum!) and croissant (num, num!). After my sleep we went went in the brum, brum to Martinborough for the Wine Festival. There were lots of people with glasses on string around their necks, big tents and rows and rows of little plants, called vines. I saw lots of baby grapes (I love to eat grapes!) and Mummy told me that’s what makes the wine (but I wasn’t allowed to taste any of that). There was music in the air and I loved dancing amongst the vines. The food was yummy too and I had my first asparagus – mmmmmmmmmm. I loved partying and dancing to the music, it was a brilliant day and great to have Aunty Loose around. She wasn’t drinking, so kept an eye on Mummy and Daddy – who went a bit giggly and funny!

When we got back to our cottage (Mummy singing in the car all the way) we had a yummy BBQ before I had my bath with Mummy (she sang heaps in the bath too!). I finally fell asleep and slept quite well, but still had cuddles with Mummy from around 3am onwards!

On Monday we had to drop Aunty Loose (A Lulu!) at the train station as she had to go back to Wellington on the ‘toot, toot’ for a hospital appointment (boo) I kept asking after her for the rest of the holiday and missed her lots – she makes me laughs so much. After I said ‘bye, bye’ to A Lulu we went to Mount Bruce to see conservation in action (Daddy bought me a Kiwi! – which I call a ‘Kaka’). I fell asleep in the car on the way back to our cottage and Mummy took me into bed for a cuddle. When I woke we had a yummy dinner and then went for a play at the playground and a run in the field before bedtime.

We drove up, up, up over the hill on Tuesday and down, down, down into the valley and back to Wellington. I loved seeing the cars and trucks going up and down the hill and the leaves on the green, green trees. I fell asleep as we approached Wellington so Mummy and Daddy picked up a coffee on the go before returning home and taking me in for more sleep. We went for a swim together in the afternoon, did the ‘big shop’ and then I fell asleep in my own comfy bed, waking at 2am and 4am asking for Mummy, but slept till 7am in the end. I had so many wonderful thoughts in my head I couldn’t sleep and I know so many new words that I can’t wait to practice so that I can talk to Mummy and Daddy more.

What a magical weekend away! I love the countryside, the sheep, the cows and the roses. I can’t wait to go there again.