Is that jingle bells I can hear?

I’ve been decorating the Christmas tree and learning about the story of Christmas. Mummy put on some special music and we sang, danced and jingled some bells.

I’m saying lots of new words, love Bob the Builder and am getting good at knowing my shapes and colours.

I’m loving my food – recently had chicken satay sticks and loved them lots and also love salami!

I’ve been doing chalk drawings on the driveway (and each time it rains I ask Daddy to redraw ‘Bob’ for me) and I’ve been to two Christmas parties this week!

On Thursday I went to Play Group and we sang Christmas carols, visited the Fire Station and had a sit in the fire engine, heard the sirens and watched the hoses in action! We returned to Play Group after the excitement at the fire station to be greeted by Father Christmas, who gave each of us a lovely book! Then we all sat down to a yummy morning tea, mmmmmmm!

This weekend Daddy’s work did a special party for all the children and Father Christmas came! I got a lovely present, but best of all was the food – yummmmmy – there were so many strawberries, blueberries, popcorn, chocolate, lollies – wow! After the party we went to the park, where Mummy and Daddy played frisby with some friends and I ran around collecting flowers.