My 2nd Birthday Party!

I have been looking forward to my 2nd Birthday Party for weeks. I had a wonderful time, with lots of yummy party food, balloons and friends. My favourite party food was jelly with berries in and I’ve been wanting it ever since!

Mummy and Daddy did a brilliant job decorating the house with balloons and Daddy built me a brilliant Thomas the Tank Engine den out of cardboard boxes, which everyone enjoyed playing in. Mummy baked her first cake since her school days and I loved it (especially as it had my friends Thomas and Percy on it!). I loved dancing whilst everyone sang Happy Birthday and loved blowing out the candles (I’d been practising for weeks!). It was also my friend Indi’s Birthday so we sang Happy Birthday to her and she also had a turn blowing out the candles. Then I said we should sing Happy Birthday to Steph, who looks after me on Monday mornings so that Mummy can go swimming, and that made everyone laugh.

We played ‘Pass the Parcel’, but I was too busy picking berries out of the jelly at the time to notice! And we sang and danced to some songs. I was going to wear a pretty party dress, but just before the party started I needed to go potty and decided to take my dress off first! When the first guests arrived I was in my ‘Birthday suit’ (just as well Daddy had the fire blazing as there was snow on the distant hills!). Half way into the party I decided to get dressed and did away with the dress in favour of my favourite ‘Bob the Builder’ T-shirt!