‘Place clingfilm over the toilet seat, that’ll be more hygenic than the potty.’

‘Yes, Doctor,’ I said, thinking of the practicalities of getting a toddler, with runny poos, to the toilet in time to get a sample.

‘Then once you have the sample we need it within two hours, can you manage that today?’

I looked down at Sophie sleeping in my arms and across at Charlotte, then smiled an, ‘I can do anything, I am a supermum after all’ smile and said, ‘Yes, Doctor’.

Mission accomplished later that afternoon. Phoned Dan (who works in same building as the doctors) to ask if I could hand him the sample as I drove past his office, ‘No probs,’ he said, ‘I’m outside at Zoom having a coffee over a meeting.’ So, I drove up, opened the window, handed him the ‘Bio Hazard’ labelled bag and thought, ‘Would you like shit with your Mocca?’

On to the Botanic Gardens to feed the ducks. Charlotte sat in the back of the car making finger puppets out of the bread, adding to the crumbed menu of decaying food littering the floor of the car (which is more of a dustbin on wheels). Having caused a few duck fights (Charlotte delights in throwing in whole slices and watching the ensuing clash of beaks), we stopped past the playground before heading home for a rest.

The girls were both asleep by 9pm, leaving me with a little time with hubbie before sleep (the nearly full moon looked so beautiful as I stood on the deck sipping a much needed glass of red, reminicising of full moon drumming parties, but I wouldn’t want life to be any different, I love my girls and this time with them will pass so quickly).