Keeping on running

This past fortnight I’ve been running and kept on running. I don’t know where this sudden urge to run has come from, but it feels great (and I’m just hoping the clocks going back, on the first Sunday of April, along with autumnal weather to come, doesn’t dampen my enthusiasm!). In the past fifteen days I’ve ran nearly 50 kilometres.

Finishing my run with a stretch on the beach at Princess Bay, Wellington

As much as I’d like to push on further, I’m trying to hold back from pushing myself too far, too fast, until I’ve got all the right nutrition going in, as well as doing some core strengthening and upper body exercises to help power my legs without injury. I have to remind myself I’m not sixteen, but nearly a year off forty. I’ve spent the past ten years keeping fairly fit, but also bringing three babies into the world. My body needs some tender loving care as I ease it in to this new high-paced exercise lark (though my mind is buzzing on it all and wants to go, go, go!).

Mind and body learning to work together!

I’m reading up on exercises for all over body strengthening, particularly focusing on the core, back and arms – to help power my legs and minimise injuries. I’m drinking more water, leaving off the alcohol till the weekend (but then not over doing it – doesn’t take me much to turn into a giggling wreck!). I’m reading up on the best nutrition to fuel my body and taking care of me, so I can be the best for my dear family.

So true!

I’m feeling so good for making this time. I’m downing the water and green tea, filling my body with good foods and focusing on healthy living.

With our big move to Santa Barbara, California, coming up in July this year we’ll need to be mentally and physically strong. This is definitely the way to go!

I’m just so thankful that I have such gorgeous scenery to enjoy on my runs and stretching out watching the sun dipping down over Princess Bay last night was magic. I had the beach all to myself and would have stayed to watch the sunset, but had a little post-run welcome party waiting for me at the local playground (my youngest daughter and our neighbour’s son).

Watching the sun dip down from Princess Bay, Wellington