First Holiday

What a great first holiday! When it was naptime Daddy took me for walks along the lakefront and when I was awake I played with my sister (who likes to take my hands and row me back and forth, whilst singing some song about a boat and if you see a crocodile don’t forget to scream, which Charli can do VERY loudly!).

I travelled really well and am growing fast. I’m reaching 4 months old and can now roll onto my side (handy for finding Mummy milk in the dark!), lift my head when I’m on my tummy, hold a rattle for a little while and get it to my mouth (I’m starting to dribble lots in preparation for my first tooth!) and I’ve started doing mini-situps.

When I go to the playground I get lots of children coming up to me and they all want to hold my hand, make me laugh and tickle me! Charlotte has lots of nice friends who like to play with me too.

Life is full of laughter and giggles!