Happy Easter

Well, it wouldn’t have been Easter without a visit from the Easter bunny. Charlotte was very excited and searched every corner of the house to find mini-eggs hidden in shoes, trains and plant-pots. Sophie had her fair share of chocolate too, through my milk, and followed through with two nights of magnitude 7 trumps and poos!

We were blessed with beautiful warm, sun-filled days and had a great time around town and at the beach. Wellington really is good on a good day (when the wind isn’t sweeping your toddler off their feet and you wear movie star, over-sized, sunglasses to protect your eyes from flying debris, reminiscent of those goggles once worn for science experiments at school).

Sophie has started to lift her head and chest off the ground during ‘tummy time’ and bears a striking resemblance to a turtle. Charlotte made a pikelet sandwich, complete with luncheon ham, jam and salad (she was very specific about the salad!).

I enjoyed a very happy 32nd Birthday, even though my assistant, Charlotte, opened all my presents. I just managed to read my Birthday cards before they were quickly swiped for ‘artwork’! The day started with a much-needed latte and Charlotte insisting on watching a bit of ‘The Italian Job’ (a Birthday present). She is fascinated by alarms and ‘burglar’ stories (on a recent visit to the museum she pointed out all the security cameras and alarms, making me worry that she has aspirations on becoming the youngest art thief in history!).

My dear friend, Violet, made my Birthday with a morning tea of calorific proportions and her dear children (three, aged from 3 to 6), sang ‘Happy Birthday’ (there’s nothing like the sound of children singing to bring happy tears to your eyes and fill your heart with warm fuzzies). We returned home to find a beautiful bouquet of flowers, from Dan, on the doorstep, but I’d lost the front-door key and so I had to investigate a way to break into our home (much to Charlotte’s delight!). We had to call the locksmith and he managed to force open the bathroom window, which I clumsily, climbed through, knocking the napi-san flying off the window-sill into a bucket of poo stained nappies (whilst in my mind I was leaping through with the finesse of Catherine Zeta Jones in Entrapment).

In the evening, family and friends phoned from England, which was lovely (except the girls bedtime routines were totally thrown out the window and Charlotte ended up terribly over-tired and went to bed after throwing a wobbly and I sulked out on the deck with a red wine!).