Geysers, Alarms and Signs

I went on holiday to learn about geysers and spent lots of time bouncing on the trampoline at our holiday home, walking through smoking fumaroles, past mud pools and exploring thermal wonders. I swam every day and loved the hot pools.

It was great for ‘Family Lee’ to have lots of time to play together. I kept pointing out all the exciting things and saying, ‘Look! Isn’t that clever? Wow!’.

Whilst on holiday I noticed ‘alarms’ and for the past fortnight have been asking questions about alarms. I want to know about smoke, fire and burglar alarms, and Mummy has also been telling me about other alarms, such as tsunami warning alarms and ‘lahar’ warnings (they were lots of those around Mt Ruapehu, the active volcano we walked on!).

I like to hear stories and tell them too. I make up lots of stories, currently about earthquakes, shipwrecks (The Wahine Disaster, which happened in Wellington Harbour, is very sad) and alarms.

I want to know what everything says and always ask, ‘What does that sign say?’

After such a great holiday we were all quite sad to get home and Monday (when Daddy had to go back to work) was a very sad day. I told the nice lady in the museum cafe that it was a sad day and she gave me some marshmallows to cheer me up! At the museum I currently enjoy going caving (there is a tunnel, which is VERY dark, and very fun, which I love to crawl through!). There are glow worms in the cave and I love to tell people that the brightest one is the hungriest and that if you shout loudly the glow worms get scared and don’t shine as brightly.