Learning to Bake. At 33!

Yes, it’s true. I am finally learning to bake at the ripe old age of 33. If a 3 year old can do it then so can I. Maybe.

Sarah (who learnt at the ripe old of 32) told me that baking scones was an incredibly easy task. So with the help of my wonderful Charlotte (aged three, baker extraordinaire) I set about this daunting job.

Okay, are you ready? Here’s how it goes:
– 225g of flour,
– 50g of butter,
– some milk

Er. That’s it.

Mix the flour and butter into a bowl with your fingers, then add the milk and stir up for a bit. Then give to Charlie and watch her go to work.

As you can see from Charlotte’s hands, she’s a natural kneader. I wonder where she got that from? Not me. Not the missus.

Then look at the amazement on my face, as I simply could not believe how easy it truly was.

So then, you pop them in the oven for 10 minutes or so, and hey presto – magic scones. Serve with (more) butter and a bit of jam, and it keeps everybody happy (particularly Sophie) for, well, minutes.

Hey, guess what? You can also use the same “scone mix” for pizza bases!

Baking. Pah! It’s easy.