Creativity of a 3 year old

Creativity comes in all forms… the more traditional forms of painting and lego construction to plastering ones body in a chain of stickers before bed and covering the cat in glitter.

For months Charli was into cutting in a serious way. She would sit with a sharp pair of scissors manically cutting paper into strips and then cutting along the strip, oblivious to anything else around her.

‘Charli,’ I’d call,

‘Charli,’ I’d call again.

No response, just a fixated look of concentration as the paper mounted up on the carpet (thankfully she’s a pro at hoovering!). If she wasn’t cutting paper then she’d be out in the garden giving the grass a haircut (for an hour, at least!). Another favourite, of the botanical variety, was trimming the points off all leaves on the house plants.

I love the way Charli (or any three year old) sees the world in such a unique perspective. I often hand her the camera or ask her what we should photograph and the results are… well, they speak for themselves!