Old friend

There’s nothing like a surprise visit from an old friend to lift ones spirits. Our dear friend, ‘Loose’, who left for Oz for a variety of reasons a couple of years ago, returned to our shores for a short visit. Charli hadn’t seen ‘Aunty Lulu’ since she was 20 month’s old and still in nappies (when we visited Loose in Sydney for Dan’s Birthday). She was the first friend to hold newborn Charli (and Charli was the first baby Loose had ever held!). They had a cosmic bond from that day forth and Loose’s recent visit illustrated the connection between them is still strong.

Loose is hoping to return to NZ by the end of 2007 and we hope, with all our hearts, that her wish comes true. We consider her part of our family, as she really has been like a sister to Dan and I and an Aunty to Charli. Dan collected Loose from the airport at midnight and Charli was so excited to see her the next morning. I was upstairs, getting Sophie ready for the day, and could hear Charli’s elated giggle filling the morning air. I love the way young children express their feelings with their whole body (apart from when they are having a tantrum!). Charlotte’s whole body was resonating with joy. Every muscle of her body was jumping and jingling with excitement. And it was beautiful to see the joy she evoked in Loose, who’s had a hard time of things on the medical front for a couple of years.

We had a magic couple of days together and the weather put on a good show, so that we could enjoy a long walk to Lyall Bay and sample the delights of the Maranui Cafe. Sophie took to Loose in a big way too. ‘Aunty Lulu’ has a special gift with children, she is able to become a child herself in their company and is a star at being plain ‘silly’, which all children love! Though I dread to think what state the house would be in if I left her in charge of the girls for a day! They would certainly have a ball, but there would probably be cake up the walls and soiled nappies on the ceiling (only joking Loose… honest!).

Anyway, the days passed all too quickly and we are now looking forward to hopefully welcoming her back to NZ sometime next year (the sooner the better!).