Nine Months and Crawling… (time to hide your toys Charli!)


On the first night of my Taupo holiday I finally learnt how to roll onto my tummy. Daddy had taken Charli down to the bar, whilst Mummy tried to get me to sleep (but that was the furthest thing from my mind!). I was like a seal with a new trick and every time Mummy lay me down I rolled over with a huge smile on my face and blew raspberries whilst trying to get myself up to sitting. After half an hour of this carry on Mummy gave up and decided to take me to join Daddy and Charlotte at the bar. Another hour on (and a few chips and big chunk of burger) I was ready to crash.

Whilst Daddy played golf, Mummy took Charli and I to a gypsy fair and then the day after we went to watch a ton of water flow out from a dam – cool!

It was a great holiday and I loved being able to spend time in the various swimming pools we frequented. Charlotte learnt to dive into the pool and glide, she even managed a couple of doggie paddle strokes before swallowing half the pool! I enjoyed splashing and blowing bubbles and giggling at Charli’s antics.

I did pretty well with the travelling to and from Taupo. The last hour and a half of the journey up I spent watching Mummy’s desperate attempts to entertain me (it’s amazing what she can do with a bag of ‘Twisties’, a banana and a couple of cuddly toys!). We found some good spots to stop off and let loose, including a great farm and a cafe, called ‘The Brown Sugar Cafe’, which had a great sandpit (which tasted great and made for some interesting nappy changes!).

Over the next two weeks I mastered sitting up, pulling up to standing and crawling. All the watching, waiting and thinking had paid off, I was able to piece the movements together and finally get at all Charli’s toys! Wee heeeeee! Charli has quickly learnt to hide her precious toys (it’ll be a while before I reach the door handle to her bedroom!). I’m also pointing, clapping and saying, ‘Good’ when I like something (usually icecream!).