Charli Love Cars!

Yah! It’s the weekend! I love spending time with all the family and today we enjoyed a really special family day out. I am crazy about cars and love learning about different models of cars, car races around the world and how cars are made. We visited the Southward Car Museum today and it was ‘amazing’!

Daddy loved it and Sophie had a good time too (especially with the ‘funny mirrors’!).

I’ve recently seen the Disney film ‘Cars‘ and particularly love the part where the ‘Compost Harvester’ (Combine!) chases McQueen (the racing car) and his friend Mater, after they’ve woken up all the tractors with some loud horn tooting and engine revving. I love listening to the orchestral score and chasing around like a crazy ‘Compost Harvester’!

I’ve also seen the film Herbie and particularly LOVE the ‘Monster Truck’ scene (I found a great book on Monster Trucks at the library!).

After seeing all the cars we visited Lindale Agricultural Centre, where there was a ‘Farmer’s Market’ (a good opportunity to stock up on strawberries!). Father Christmas was there (he made Sophie shake with fear!) and he gave me a banana! Daddy bought me a yummy Kapiti ice-cream, which Sophie insisted on helping me to devour!