Around the Clock

Charlotte: Mummy and Daddy have got a little fed up of New Year’s Eve being a non-event, since my arrival, so this year we decided to do things a little differently:

We celebrated at midday with our own little countdown! We popped balloons filled with home-made confetti, rice and jelly-beans, played ‘Around the Clock’ (a game we are still enjoying and probably will continue to do so for the rest of the year) and played ‘Find the Lucky Gold Coin’ (chocolate coin of course!) and talked about what luck might befall us in the New Year. We also put resolutions in our stockings, which were then boxed away with the Christmas decorations so that come December 2007 we can be reminded of our good intentions and reflect on how good we really were!

‘Around the Clock’ consisted of twelve paper clocks, each pointing to a different hour, hung around the living room. We then took it in turns to take a number from a bowl and find our matching clock. On the back of each clock was an activity and 5 o’clock was my favourite, ‘Paint someone’s face’, here are the results:

As for my resolution… well it’s a work in progress (aren’t they all!).