Due to Dan’s increasing work commitments, as a tender deadline approaches (12 Feb. – his Birthday!), the past couple of weeks have given me a taster of what life would be like as a single-parent. Fortunately, the girls have been good for me, but I’m feeling pretty worn out with all the post bedtime chores! My hands are worn with chemical overuse (time to invest in a pair of ‘marigolds’), my back is sore from picking up toys and wiping floors, my feet are breaking out in sores with all the excess mileage I’m toting up doing all the extra chores and I’m getting geek withdrawal symptoms through not being able to access the ‘MAC’ for daily worship.

On the positive front, I’ve cleaned up my act on the health front and am now fueling myself, and the girls, on more nuts and grains, supplementing the refined sugar in baking with alternative, natural ingredients and have developed an addiction to licorice (as opposed to nicotine) – thanks to an awesome book – ‘Boost Your Child’s Immune System’ by Lucy Burney. So… the New Year is looking good on the health front. Dan has cycled to work and back a few times and I’ve sent him out for an after-work jog by the sea when he’s been idle and caught the bus home!

I’ve been doing a few ‘Sun Salutations’ (though trying to do Yoga with two preschoolers literally crawling under your body in the ‘Downward Dog’ and climbing on your back wanting to play ‘horses’ during the ‘Upward Dog’ makes the exercises more of an endurance test for the body than a full mind/body experience!). And as for the relaxation and meditation afterwards… well, this is where I laugh at all the yoga books telling us we can all ‘make time’ etc. Taking the phone off the hook for some deep breathing doesn’t work with two preschoolers. However, I have been breathing like a baby (with my diaphragm as opposed to my chest – do I get a star sticker, please?!). And being ‘mindful’ of my breath throughout the day (especially when my patience is being tested!) gives me a sense of calm. When I am being really tested I take a step out into the garden or take the girls for a walk by the sea to feel truely connected with the Universe (OM…..). When all else fails… COFFEE!

Thankfully the weather has been kind to us (though this makes for some creativity on the irrigation front in the garden) and Dan did manage to get out of the office over the weekend for some fun in the gardens with his girls.

On top of all this I’ve finally planted my herb and vegetable garden (though it seems to be peak ‘Cabbage Butterfly’ season, so Charlotte is being kept busy with a butterfly net and a magnify glass to eradicate any eggs on the leaves).

Sophie enjoys helping Charlotte, but is often busy splashing in the puddles created by one of my lovingly created irrigation systems (she has also discovered the dizzy delights of turning around on the spot).

Now it’s time to go and give myself some loving attention before bed (hand cream, peppermint foot lotion, waxing strips, night cream… oh please – as if I have time for all that!) xx