The ‘Real’ Sophie Emerges: 14 Month Update

Sophie says:

I spend most of my time taking lessons in the art of ‘winding up ones sibling’ from the expert, my big sister. I love to draw and paint, but it’s going to take me a long time to understand the message, ‘Draw only on paper, please!’.

I am in favour of body art in all forms and definitely think the house could do with a make-over, courtesy of my interior design flair (sadly, Mummy does not agree). The once open door to the art-room (also Mummy’s laundry!) is now being guarded for fear my emergence with a loaded paintbrush into the living room (it is terribly hard trying to remember to return the brush to the paint pot!).

Sometimes life is easier when we’re out of the house altogether and I love to spend time dining out and going for a thrill ride down one of Wellington’s many slides.

I’m quite an expert at climbing ladders and whizzing down the slide and love showing off to my peers at the playground (it really helps having a big sister to show me the way). I have begun to feel a little threatened by children climbing up behind me or hovering around the top of the slide and generally succeed in frightening them away (or making them cry) by letting out an ear-piercing squeal (which I learnt from Charlotte – who I think learnt from a dinosaur exhibit at the museum).

We’ve been enjoying some great summer weather this past month or two and when I’m not cooling down with water then I can generally be found in the shade of the museum checking out the latest technology.

I also like trying to help Mummy keep the family blog up to date (as seen here). When I heard we might be travelling to England to see the folks I got very excited and went down the road to catch a bus, but unfortunately they didn’t have enough fuel to get me that far.