Sisters are Hanging Out

When the girls are not hanging out at the kitchen bar, consuming ever increasing proportions of food to fuel their ‘pukus’ (Maori word for tummy), they love to play together at the playground.

Sophie has mastered climbing up a ladder and delights in sliding down on her tummy.

We recently enjoyed a wonderful trip to ‘Te Papa’, which we frequent nearly once a week. The girls love the Discovery Centres and exploring the cave. And when they are not exploring they can be found consuming ‘fluffies’ in the cafe and tormenting the other visitors with their antics (mainly building very large lego towers and helping themselves, over and over again, to water). After a visit to the museum they are usually tired and ready for some ‘quiet time’ (unfortunately the Lee sisters rarely share the same interpretation for ‘quiet’ that is valued by their parents!).

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