Charli’s Photography

Not many parents let their three year old loose with a $700 camera, but Charlotte has earned our trust in this respect and the pleasure we get from seeing her take on the world makes it worthwhile.

The other day we took a break from hanging around (I managed to capture a couple of Charli’s best impressions of a bat) and enjoyed morning tea at the ‘Parade Cafe‘ on Oriental Parade, where Charlotte came up with some shots way beyond my own composition skills.

Here’s the photographer herself, taking a break from the lens and sipping on a delicious banana smoothie (with a drizzle of honey).

Then it was time for some work. First, a warm up shot of Mummy and Sophie, followed by a shot of the sky.

Then she took a shot of the bicycles parked under the stairs and spent quite some time talking about why they were parked there, how they were balanced and how would a person get them out from under the stairs. For her last masterpiece, she observed a face in the boardwalk and took my favourite shot of the day.