Slowly, but surely, progress at Kindi

A term at afternoon ‘Kindi‘ and Charlotte isn’t yet ready for Mummy to leave the gates, but is almost oblivious to my presence whilst there. The teachers are incredibly supportive and do an amazing job of nurturing the development of so many three year olds (and assuring me that Charlotte will eventually feel confident enough to let me escape the gates. In the meantime, they welcome my presence in settling Charlotte – whilst I look on enviously at those parent’s children who turn to them on the second day with a wave and, ‘Bye, I love you.’).

Every session there is a fresh layout of outdoor equipment to stimulate the children’s creativity and imagination. Sophie is more than happy to soak up the abundance of activities (though often she really ought to be taking her afternoon nap!). Meanwhile Charlotte delights in the physical equipment to develop her climbing skills.

On an intellectual level books and puzzles are strategically and appealingly placed all around and there is always a wonderful choice of art activities (I love to read to the other children). Charlotte is learning how to be more creative with Playdough and is seen here creating a flower. She still dislikes ‘mat time’, though from time to time she joins in and has moments of sheer joy at the wonderful songs. When she doesn’t feel up to sitting with a large number of her peers she finds peace and solitude elsewhere. Here she is lining up all the plastic animals – I didn’t realise till I took the photograph that she’d faced them all inwards and paired them all up (two elephants, two dinosaurs etc.).

Charlotte likes to watch the other children interacting and is joining in on an increasing level. She runs with excitement to some groups (such as the boys playing firefighters), but hangs back when the girls are doing the ‘baby thing’ – she really can’t see the appeal of dolls. It’s sweet seeing her try to make friendships (with a little gentle coaxing! ‘Look Charlotte, it’s Grace, Indi, Hannah etc. remember when we met at the playground the other day, she likes ‘Dora’ too etc.).

Meanwhile, Sophie enjoys everything the ‘big children’ are doing and is seen here playing with boats and later doing some scribbling.